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We are a down to earth, family-like congregation who enjoys each other’s company. We fellowship together, we have fun together and, most importantly, we mature in our faith together! Our worship style is traditional, but casual, and our worship service is a place where people from all walks of life can come without fear of judgment to be in the presence of the Lord. Guests who worship with us often say visiting our church “feels like coming home.”

The modern Fredericksburg Presbyterian Church came into being in 1954 when two churches merged. One church, called the “Federated Church” was the product of a 1919 merger between a Presbyterian Church and a Congregational church. The second church, called the “Union Church” came from a 1926 merger between another Presbyterian Church and a Methodist Episcopal Church. When these two churches, which were originally four churches, came together in 1954, they took the name Fredericksburg Presbyterian Church and began worshipping in our current building. Fredericksburg Presbyterian Church has a nearly 200 year history in the community with the oldest of our four originating congregations being founded in 1817.

Over the years, Fredericksburg Presbyterian Church and our predecessor churches have helped shaped the societal landscape of Fredericksburg and provided life giving spiritual water to its people.