Sierra Leone

Historical highlights of ministry partnership in Sierra Leone:

  • 2009 – First contact with Drs. Tom & Karen Asher as they came to Fredericksburg Presbyterian to speak about their medical mission.
  • 2010 – Sent church member Ryan Brooks as 9 month short-term missionary to work with the Asher’s and teach Biology and Chemistry in the secondary school associated with the hospital. Ryan made a connection in Kakamba. He and Albert convinced FPC to provide funds for the building of a church there.
  • 2011 – Kakamba Church building project (The church building serves as a center for community life, meetings and as a place for educating children.)
  • 2014 – Kakamba Parsonage project (A parsonage was necessary because road between Kakamba and Kamakwie can become unpassable in the rainy season. Pastor Albert lives in Kamakwie and needed a place to stay when in town doing ministry. The parsonage is used to house homeless teens and for other ministry purposes such as putting up pastors who travel to Kakamba for training.)
  • 2015 – Kakamba Well project (provided clean water to reduce disease)
  • 2015 to current – Churches planted in other villages (22 churches to date). With the exception of one village, all use a thatched roof hut for worship.
  • 2016 – A team of 5 travelled from FPC to see the ministry first-hand. We also taught pastors and teens and baptized approximately 200 people.
  • 2016 – $2,177 sent for school supplies for the children of Kakamba
  • 2016 to current – Pastor training program begun
  • 2017 – $3121 sent for the repair of the school roof in Kakamba. It was blown off in a big storm.
  • April 2018 Provided funds for a toilet project
  • August 2018 Provided support for Pastor Training

Key Facts about Sierra Leone:

  • Population – 6 million Size – slightly larger than West Virginia
  • 70% live in poverty. One of the worlds’ poorest nations.
  • A civil war from 1991-2002 left 50,000 dead and 2 million people displaced. People were killed in horrific ways. Most of the infrastructure, transportation, communication, and education systems were destroyed. They are still recovering.
  • Life expectancy = 57 years
  • 66% illiteracy in adults
  • Religion – 60% Sunni Muslim, 30% indigenous tribal beliefs, 10% Christianity

From our February 25, 2016 trip – The Sierra Leone Team returned to Fredericksburg safe and sound. Overwhelmed by all they had seen, the team recounted the many ways God is making His presence known in Sierra Leone. For example – 200+ new believers were baptized Sunday morning February 7.

January 2016 – It’s been 5 years since we began our partnership in ministry with the people of Kakamba. At that time, church member Ryan Brooks was serving as a short-term missionary teaching Biology and Chemistry at the Wesleyan school in Kamakwie. He worked with Drs. Tom and Karen Asher as well as our Outreach Team to provide funds for the construction of a church building in the village of Kakamba, 3 miles outside of Kamakwie. Since then, several hundred people have professed faith in Christ as Pastor Albert has planted four more churches in the neighboring villages of Kadaimba, Kamabain, Small Kamakwie and Kadembela. We have continued to support the work God is doing there by funding the construction of a parsonage for Pastor Albert and a water well for Kakamba. Pastor Albert’s centrally located parsonage has given him the capability to plant the churches in the other villages. He now has young pastors placed in each of these churches and is providing training for them every Saturday. More partners from the US are supporting the ministry as well. Through the Ashers, a Wesleyan church in Michigan is supplying funds to build a church building in Kadaimba. Through us, Pastor Albert has made contact with EduNations, a Presbyterian backed ministry in Sierra Leone. Their In-Country Director visited Albert and they showed the “Jesus Film” in several communities resulting in more professions of faith. Albert has requested more help from us in the form of oversight, pastoral training and doing baptisms. We are working with friends from Memorial Presbyterian Church in Pittsburgh (the leaders of EduNations) to fulfill these requests. They have experience training pastors in Sierra Leone and providing oversight to the churches they plant there. A team from our church will be traveling to Sierra Leone during the first two weeks of February to deepen our partnership in ministry there. After 5 years, the ministry has developed to the point that we need to be able to see firsthand what’s happening there in order to make informed decisions about the best ways to continue supporting the Lord’s work. Our team members are: Pastor Jack, Angie & Andrea Chapman, Erika Schuch and Barry Henderson. They will be travelling with a team from Memorial Park Presbyterian. Please be in prayer for both teams, Pastor Albert and the churches in Sierra Leone.