Adult Ministry

Many people struggle with meeting their spiritual life needs – some of those needs include believing life is meaningful and has purpose, having a sense of community and deeper relationships within it, to be listened to, respected and appreciated, and to grow in faith.

To help answer these needs, the church is constantly working to create and improve our adult discipleship groups. Some of the programs/classes currently being offered include:

  • Adult FUN Groups –
    We have 3 FUN groups that meet on Sunday mornings at 10:45 to discuss the sermon: BB&J (Bible, Brew & Jesus), L.A.F.F. (Lost and Found Forever), PG2 (Pie Guys Praise God), and Ignited- Journey.
    FUN Groups are our primary adult ministry tool for making disciples of Jesus. Participants become a part of a Scripture-centered community where they learn to follow Christ more fully through supportive relationships, meaningful discussions and service to others.The purpose of FUN Groups is to promote:

    • Fellowship with each other and the Lord
    • Understanding and applying Scripture
    • Needs-based Outreach

    How do they work?

    • FUN Groups are team led, mid-size groups of 15-25 people who gather weekly, after the Sunday sermon is presented. Most meet on Sunday morning following worship. Some may meet mid-week. The Scripture and sermon provide the primary content for discussion in the gatherings.
    • FUN Groups are led by a Discussion Coordinator, Fellowship Coordinator and Outreach Coordinator. The Discussion Coordinator is the primary leader of the group. He or she guides weekly gatherings and discussions. The Fellowship Coordinator maintains contact information for the group and plans 2-3 social activities per year. The Outreach Coordinator facilitates the group’s efforts to engage in 2-3, locally oriented, needs-based service projects per year.
    • A typical gathering consists of: welcome, icebreaker, sharing, Scripture & sermon discussion, prayer, planning for fellowship and outreach activities.

    Groups organize in a variety of ways and develop strong group identities. Groups are a mix of ages, but sometimes are organized by peer group or life stage (e.g. “Twenty-Somethings” or “Retirees”). Some groups are intentionally intergenerational. Groups work hard to develop strong bonds and a group identity as they experience life together.

  • Wednesday Morning G.L. O.W. (Women’s Group) Another Adult FUN Group that is for women only and meets Wednesday mornings at 10:00 a.m.
  • Guy’s Group – The men’s group, meets the 1st and 3rd Thursdays every month from 8:30 pm to 10 pm for fellowship, a devotions and prayer.