Fredericksburg Presbyterian Church is dedicated to prayer. We are a group of disciples who believes that “prayer is not an attachment to a life lived for God–it is the center of a life lived with God.”1 Thus, we seek to “pray without ceasing.”2 We pray together in Sunday worship. We pray alone in our homes, cars and grocery stores. We join together in small groups for moments of scheduled prayer. And, we rejoice when the Holy Spirit prompts us to gather in times of spontaneous, unplanned prayer. We pray at all times aspiring to have our hearts bent to the Lord’s will, even when our knees are not.

In prayer we know God better through speaking, listening and spending time with Him. We are guided to “do nothing out of selfish ambition, but in humility consider others better than ourselves.”3 We hear soft whispers which guide us to make decisions in accordance with the Lord’s will and we feel gentle nudges which move us to sacrificial acts of love. Because of prayer we see God work in natural and supernatural ways. We witness answered prayer and we become answers to prayer. Through prayer, we are united with every follower of Jesus and with every broken soul who desires the presence and peace of God.

(Sources: 1Robert Benson, 21 Thess. 5:17, 3Phil. 2:3)