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Fredericksburg Presbyterian Church (FPC) is a community growing from deep roots spanning over 200 years, and rich soil from the merging four churches of different faith expressions. We have active members who grew up in Catholic, Lutheran, Baptist, Presbyterian, and Methodist faiths. We are a people who enjoy fellowship together, fun together, praying with one another, supporting each other, making disciples, and growing in faith together.

Notable milestones in our journey include transitioning from the PC(USA) denomination to ECO: A Covenant Order of Evangelicals in 2012 and the construction of a brand-new building in 2016, located on the same site as our previous one. Throughout our history, FPC has been a valuable resource and partner to the local community.

Join us at Fredericksburg Presbyterian Church, where unity, fellowship, and faith come together to create a welcoming home for all.

Our Story